Free Advertising Strategies That Work

Over the past 22 years, I’ve discovered and developed dozens of free advertising strategies. At first, I was forced to find a way to promote my new business at no cost, due to my small advertising budget. However, as my business grew, I continued to use this method, because in many cases it was more effective than the advertising I paid for.

The following are some of the most effective free advertising strategies I’ve used over the last two decades – and taught them (in depth) to my clients.

1. Joint Ventures: A “joint venture” (also known as a “JV”) is one where you partner with another company for the benefit of both.

For example, in the past, I sold a $1,000 product with great success to my list of loyal, but small, clients. After I promote a product to my list, I contact other companies in my niche with a similar list of clients. I offered to give them 60% of every sale if they submitted my offer to their list. They agreed – and ended up paying to print and deliver 20,000 letters to their best customers.

The result: They made 1,100 sales of my product for $1,000. Gross Sales: $1,100,000. They saved 60% – or $660,000 and shipped the remaining 40% ($440,000) to me, along with 1,100 customers who needed their order fulfilled. With that one free advertising strategy, I’ve grown my list by 1,100 buyers – and added $440,000 in sales to my company’s bottom line.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is like putting a joint venture on turbo-charge. An “affiliate” is someone who can promote your products and services online – for a percentage of each sale they refer. While some companies only pay their affiliates 5% to 10% of sales, other companies pay 25%, 50%, even 75% or more for each referral.

Letting affiliates promote your company is one of the most effective free advertising strategies. You can have an army of 100s or even 1,000 affiliates advertising for you. They may even pay to advertise your products and services. And they are only paid a referral fee when a sale is made. It’s like having an entire sales force assigned, working to make money for you 24 hours a day.

3. Viral Marketing: One of my favorite free advertising strategies is viral marketing. Viral marketing is any type of marketing in which information about your product spreads rapidly from person to person, like a flu virus. Digital ebooks, online videos, and funny emails can all go viral, with people sharing them a million times. Many marketers build their viral marketing tools (eBooks, videos, emails, etc.) to include links back to their websites. Then, they give permission to others to distribute the material. Very quickly, viral tools can spread across the Internet, generating an ever-increasing number of free ads for your website.

These are just 3 powerful free advertising strategies out of dozens I’ve discovered over the years. But even just implementing a few free advertising strategies can result in a spike in profits and build your subscriber list. Best of all, you can do all of this without spending money out of your own pocket.

Try these free advertising strategies in your own business. You will find that, if used properly, this free advertising strategy can increase your profits and double or triple your subscriber list in no time.