Garlic Products Can Be Confusing – Stick to the Facts When Researching Stabilized Allicin

Until we started producing the world’s only stabilized allicin extract, customers had a wide choice of products that had the potential to release allicin into the body. This potential can only be realized if the garlic product can pass through the intestines without being destroyed by stomach acid.

In certain products this happens occasionally, but unfortunately the chemistry of garlic makes it very difficult to guarantee that anyallicin is released and available to the body.

Work published in the UK, US, and Germany demonstrates this. The reason is that your own stomach acids seek out and selectively deactivate an important enzyme called allinase, which is found in all garlic powder extracts including those freshly blended with ginger and star anise.

Manufacturers and suppliers recognize that this is less than ideal, so they need tests to show that their products actually have great potential to produce allicin under ideal conditions. So this test was adopted by the entire garlic industry to allow manufacturers to claim that their brand can supply or produce thousands of micrograms or milligrams of allicin.

But the tests, which are still used today, were not performed in gastric or intestinal fluids but in water or alcohol-based systems – so the results have absolutely nothing to do with what actually happens when you ingest their product.

Now if you put garlic powder extract in water, you obviously rehydrate the extract and in laboratory tests you can show that allicin can be released, and that the precursor chemical alliin can be converted into allicin.

This can lead to some claims of large quantities for allicin up to 6000mcg or even as high as 2000mg – if these concentrations were actually delivered to the human body, they would be toxic. So it might be worth it that in the real world the numbers for allicin potency are completely meaningless!

Allicin products formulated exclusively with ginger in different established brands, and although the actual amount of allicin found in these products is small, it is still more than sufficient to kill a wide variety of pathogens including MRSA, E Coli, Streptococcus, flu viruses and fungal infection.

The reason is simple because allicin is physically present in the product, it doesn’t need to be rehydrated or modified or mixed with star anise or vitamin c or ginseng to be able to show the main activity.

Ask yourself this question – where is the data on other garlic extracts to prove that this pathogen can be killed? What you will find is that none is available. This is why my staff and I have spent years doing this research and have the clinical data to prove it.

Finally ask yourself one more question: Would I prefer to take a small amount of a product that I know works and has the data to support its use as a natural antimicrobial and has safety and toxicological tests to show that as much as 777 can be taken in ONE dose without harm – or should I be tricked into buying a hastily put together “active” combination that has no data and can’t guarantee any activity against the major pathogens we face every day in the modern world we live in and for which safety data have not been published?

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